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I have recently resumed processing images from a trip that we took a year ago to Italy and Sicily. During this adventure, we did a day long tour of the Tenuta Regaleali winery. This is one of the oldest winery operations in Sicily.

Here is one of my favorite images from the tour. It's called "Courtyard Benches":

Featured Image - Courtyard Benches

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The Tenua Regaleali winery is located in the interior of the island of Sicily. It is surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and vineyards.  I have added 7 new pictures to the website showing some of the  architectural details in the courtyards of the 2 complexes that we visited. They can be found in the "Windows & Doors" gallery.

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I asked my wife, Joanne, for her impressions of the winery tour. Her description is much better than I could have written so I have included it here:

The Regaleali Wine tour was the highlight our week-long tour of Sicily in April, 2018. Nestled in the heart of Sicilian wine county, the 2 hour bus ride from Palermo took us through the rolling countryside and pristine farmlands untouched by modern development.  We passed Sicilian villages with 3 story classical buildings, closely nestled together among the rolling hills.  The uniform colors of gold buildings with orange tinted roofs contrasted with the green hills and countryside.

We started our tour with a stroll through the main building to the balcony area where we gazed on the beautiful countryside with green rolling hills and vineyards as far as the eye could see.  In the distance on top of a hill, another estate dotted the landscape.  Even though our tour included 30 people, we all were unusually quiet as we soaked up the unbelievably peaceful views.

The buildings at Regaleali are traditional Sicilian, charming with flowers blooming everywhere.    The main courtyard is a serene, relaxing, and inviting special place. The courtyard is connected to outdoors by a covered walkway with massive blue doors that framed the countryside in the background in a scene that I will never forget.  

The Regaleali Estate has been in the family for 8 generations.  Over the years, the wine making operation has been turned into a modern, state of the art operation producing 3.5 million bottles of wine per year.  We tasted 3 different varieties of wines in the underground, elegant wine tasting room. Sicily is especially noted for their native red grape “nero d’avola” and the white grape “catarratto”.   The wines are shipped all over the world and are available in the US. 

We ended our tour with a stroll through the Estate’s beautiful gardens where we learned about native plants and flowers.  It was a fitting ending one of the most magical, charming places I have ever visited.

Joanne Parkin

I will be adding more pictures from Sicily and Italy in the future showing more of the landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes. But this is a good start.

Photo Tips from the winery tour

When I visit a new area and have the time I tend to photograph the area in 3 steps. The first step is to tour the area and shoot what I call "the big picture". The landscapes, seascapes or cityscapes that define the area. Check out the photographs and postcards in the local gift shops to get ideas.

The second step is to look for the "pictures within the big  pictures". These might the architectural or cultural details, reflections, flowing water, etc. In the case of the winery tour, it was the windows and doors that were all colored blue and surrounded by weathered brick and mortar and bright yellow and red flowers. Seven of these images were just added to the website in the "Windows & Doors" gallery.

The third step is to find the close-up pictures of flowers, plants, textures, patterns, etc.

Unfortunately, we only had one day to spend at the winery. We passed through a lot of scenic landscapes on the way to and from the facility but shooting through glass windows on a moving bus is a low percentage situation. But the skies were overcast which provided saturated colors without harsh shadows. Perfect for "pictures within the big picture"

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