Jim grew up on the plains of South Dakota. He has been photographing people, places and things since high school. During his engineering career in Minnesota, he also did free-lance portrait, commercial and stock photography on a part time basis and also studied and taught photography in his spare time. He has won awards in many competitions and has been published in trade publications, books and magazines.

Since 1998 Jim has been traveling throughout North America to photograph the unlimited beauty of the land. The images exhibited in these galleries were made during these travels. They were captured on a combination of film and digital media but all of them were digitized before final processing. The final processing included refinements to assure the final prints reproduced the images that were visualized when they were photographed.

In addition to his fine art photography, Jim supplies images to commercial stock agencies. His fine art photography may be seen in galleries in South Dakota, Texas and Arizona. It may also be seen on his websites at: